Launch of new Web Site, and Zazzle Storefront

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Launch of new Web Site, and zazzle storefront. The result of 15 or so years in the Stationery and Greeting Card business, I have acquired a vast array of designs, sketches, and drawings. Some I have finished some still in the making. All of these designs have been used for various purposes, greeting cards, photo cards, invitations, stationery, note pads, calendars, t-shirts, etc. for other companies. So I have decided to branch out and using as a platform to designs and market products using my designs. So far I really like the ease of zazzle's storefront. The design studio is very user friendly. The store layout is simple and easy to follow. They also have options to share through many social media platforms. So I am going to give it a go. I have started with some simple products and going to continue to build the product categories.  I am using just simple post to promote at this time and not any "paid" advertising. But may decide to do so shortly with the Holidays approaching. So here goes.....

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